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PASQUALI: the advantages of a long tradition.

The evolution of the two-wheel tractor.

Pasquali Macchine Agricole‘s business started in 1949 when, from an ingenious idea of Dr. Lino Pasquali, one of the first small mechanical vehicles was invented that could take care of all those agricultural jobs that could not be done with a tractor: the two-wheel tractor.

Following its immediate success, in the second half of the 50’s the need for increased working comfort was realised: a wheeled axle complete with seat and steering was added to the two-wheel tractor, transforming it into a miniature tractor.

This gave way to the first articulated isodiametric tractor.

The small tractor made from a two-wheel tractor was a great success and encouraged Lino Pasquali on his way to a second project.

In 1959, he created the first tractor with equal-sized four-wheel drive, cantilever engine and steering wheel acting on the central articulated steering.

Much more comfortable and powerful than a two-wheel tractor, but just as manoeuvrable and inexpensive, it proved to be a giant among the rows of vines and thrived on the market.

Shortly afterwards, Pasquali upgraded the machine by reinforcing its structure and equipping it with larger tyres, resulting in an even more powerful isodiametric vehicle.

However, the tractor also proved to be less manoeuvrable and to tighten the turning radius as much as possible, Lino Pasquali reduced the size of the front wheels with a stroke of genius.

An idea no one had thought of that was later embraced by all direct competition.

In the late 1990s, Lino Pasquali, now approaching eighty years of age, began to look around for an industrial partner to continue the development of his company.

He found it in BCS of Abbiategrasso, founded in 1943 by engineer Luigi Castoldi, who acquired the Pasquali brand in 1999.

The BCS Group today.

Today the BCS Group is a leading multinational company in the mechanization industry.

It designs and manufactures agricultural and greens maintenance machinery, autonomous electrical power systems and mobile welding equipment.

The BCS Group has three manufacturing plants in Italy (Abbiategrasso, Luzzara and Cusago) and branches in Europe (Spain, Portugal, France and Germany), India and China, as well as a distribution network covering more than 100 countries around the world.

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