Fields of application

Mountain haymaking

Quality haymaking even on slopes.

Haymaking represents one of the traditional sectors of mountain farming.

Fodder produced in mountain areas offers a very high quality, becoming part of valuable agri-food chains; however, for climatic reasons it is often characterised by lower productivity than in the lowlands.

Cultivating in the mountains therefore requires efficiency, precision and reliability in order to maximise production and work without hindrance in the short time windows that the climate imposes.

Farmers operating in these areas also face daily problems related to sometimes very steep slopes, irregularly shaped and sized plots, and limited access, transit and manoeuvring space.

That is why the tractor must be compact, well adhered to the ground and manoeuvrable in all situations, allowing the operator to work with peace of mind and safety.

Tradition for the mountains.

The ideal solution for efficient and safe mountain haymaking operations is represented by isodiametric tractors.

PASQUALI has a long tradition in this sector and offers a highly specialised range that adds reversible drive and wide track to the equal-sized wheels.

The low centre of gravity, the wide platform and the high elasticity of the engine make it possible to deal with the slope variations typical of mountainous areas with ease, helping to ensure stability and safety on every plot, thanks also to the presence of four-wheel drive , which has the added advantage of providing efficient engine braking on downhill slopes.

An exclusive feature of PASQUALI tractors intended for mountain haymaking is also the OS-Frame, which, by allowing the fore-carriage to swing up to 15° respect to the rear, further stabilises the tractor’s stance when working on uneven terrain.

Maximum performance on all terrain.

The specialisation of PASQUALI tractors for haymaking is expressed in every operation, including the most difficult tasks, such as mowing fodder on uneven surfaces or trimming in the border areas of plots.

The quality of work is always ensured: the Dual Floating System® flanked by the hydraulic suspension with nitrogen accumulator is a high-performance solution that allows the haymaking attachments to ‘float’ over the ground, adapting to curves, depressions and bumps.

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Tyres with low-compaction tread also prevent damage to the sward, for excellent-quality haymaking.

The specialisation of the PASQUALI range is also expressed in the presence of the reversible driving position, where through 180° rotation of the driver seat, maximum visibility of the work area can be maintained under all circumstances.

The spacious, air-conditioned cab also ensures maximum comfort for the operator in all seasons.