Fields of application


Small size and maximum agility in the vineyard.

Vine cultivation is linked to highly specialised mechanisation.

From the plains to the hills, the types of planting, forms of cultivation and distances between rows are in fact extremely variable. Very often one operates in narrow rows, where a conventional tractor would have considerable difficulties in passing and manoeuvring.

Specialised vineyard tractors are designed to meet these needs, differing substantially from traditional tractors in terms of their more compact dimensions, greater manoeuvrability and the possibility of using all the most innovative technologies capable of ensuring productivity and quality of production.

Having a specialised tractor for the vineyard means, in fact, improving the speed of operations and reducing the costs of cultivation operations, working in total safety even between the narrowest rows and on the steepest slopes.

Specialisation is in our DNA.

PASQUALI is a historic brand in the field of specialised vineyard tractors.

The design choices target a very high degree of specialisation of the range, which offers a large variety of options.

Innovative in every manufacturing detail, PASQUALI vineyard tractors are robust yet lightweight, with optimal weight distribution, limited overall dimensions, narrow track width, reduced wheelbase and turning radius.

These features make any cultivation work quick and safe in any type of planting, ensuring adequate manoeuvrability when entering and exiting rows even when very narrow.

The adoption of isodiametric wheels adds a lower centre of gravity to these vineyard tractors for maximum stability even on slopes, making them a viable alternative to crawlers in hilly vineyards.

The presence of a reversible driving position improves visibility and the ability to control the implement so that seasonal operations in the vineyard requiring a higher degree of precision can be completed with greater ease.

Tailor-made solutions.

The high degree of specialisation of PASQUALI vineyard tractors is also perfectly expressed in the design of the hydraulic system, which together with the rear PTO makes these tractors suitable for any operation in the vineyard, with the possibility of using combined attachments as well.

The high performance of the hydraulic system serving the numerous hydraulically driven equipment results from a high flow rate of pressurised oil, ample control valve availability and adequate cooling capacity of the service fluid.

The PASQUALI range of vineyard tractors offers solutions for every wine-growing company, thanks to the possibility of customised configuration of your vehicle, choosing the most suitable technological solutions, from the type of steering and tyres to the most suitable accessories for any type of farm.