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Adaptable to any type of orchard.

Rows with reduced distances, branching that reduces the passage height between rows, limited manoeuvring space at the headland. These are the common characteristics of fruit crops, which with their many cultivation variables and forms of farming are among the most demanding in terms of mechanisation.

To work in the orchard, you need compact tractors with aerodynamic lines that are easy to manoeuvre and at the same time very versatile.

The ability to adapt to different forms of cultivation and requirements is, in fact, a very important element in the choice of a tractor, allowing it to be used optimally for all farm requirements, adapting to the variety of equipment needed to run a fruit farm.

Highly specialised conception.

Among the most advantageous features of specialised orchard tractors is the fact that they have wheels of the same size.

In orchards, isodiametric tractors offer much higher performance than conventional tractors.

The PASQUALI isodiametric tractors with the same power offer more compact dimensions in both width and height, reduced weight and a short wheelbase, making manoeuvring particularly easy in all orchards on the plain and hillsides.

At the same time, thanks to the low centre of gravity and consequently also the low driver’s seat, it is possible to carry out all work under the canopy without damaging branches and fruit in any form of cultivation.

The reversible driver’s seat adds a further advantage in typical harvesting operations requiring precision and load shifting, allowing each operation to be carried out quickly, comfortably and accurately.

Traditionally versatile.

Versatility is traditionally one of the hallmarks of PASQUALI orchard tractors.

Each model in the range can be customised to suit the needs of the orchard, choosing type of steering, driver’s position, number of directional control valves in the hydraulic system and much more.

The utmost attention has been paid to safety with disc brakes in oil bath to make every activity in the orchard and when driving on the road and hillside safe.

The operating comfort of PASQUALI tractors becomes unparalleled when the tractor’s hydraulics are controlled via the optional joystick, a solution that ensures simplicity and precision in the use of the attachments, adding to a high level of operating comfort.

High-end models are also available with the electro-hydraulic EasyDrive® reverser, a solution that greatly simplifies reversing by making any manoeuvre fast.

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