New range ORION 85 – MODEL YEAR 24

New driving position with more living space, hydraulic upgrade, full LED lights and new Category 4 cab.

The new driving position is characterized by improved ergonomics, more living space and greater comfort for the driver, even in reverse-drive operation.

  • Greater longitudinal travel for seat adjustment.
  • More advanced pedal position.
  • All pedals are suspended, including the accelerator, and rotate with the control tower.
  • Remodelled dashboard featuring: new steering wheel design, new hand accelerator control knob, addition of USB sockets.


In addition, the new Self Cleaning System™ for automatic radiator cleaning is more powerful thanks to a fan with increased flow.



Absolute comfort

Category 4 cab

The new “Vista Pro” cab, pressurised and category 4 approved, ensures safety, comfort and an unobstructed view thanks to the four-uprights conical profile.

Category 4, associated with pressurisation and triple-stage active carbon filters, provides the operator with maximum protection against dust, aerosols and vapours during phytosanitary treatments.

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Hydraulic upgrade

The range of hydraulic distributors has been expanded to provide even more customisation tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

The oil cooling circuit is also new to increase the performance.

  • Rear hydraulic outlets located on the fenders.
  • Levers for the operation of directional control valves all grouped on the right side of the driving position.
  • Added spin-on pressure filter to ensure better oil cleaning and greater protection of hydraulic components.
  • Joystick with new ergonomic grip and equipment with 13 rear hydraulic outlets.